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For the most part, I view the world as a source of raw materials to process and utilize for the purpose of creating something new.

Born as Jason Cale Burr on September 3, 1970 in Longview Washington, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. It was February 1988 when I landed my first actual job as a graphic artist with a screen printing company. I was still in high school and drew everything by hand. No computers.

Out of high school I earned my Associates degree at the local community college, Lower Columbia College. It was while I was at LCC that I was introduced to the Macintosh computer. I fell in love immediately and now do almost all of my projects on computer.

While going through school I worked as an artist for Screen Print Northwest, which provided the opportunity to begin building and using my computer design skills for practical purposes.

During the fall of 1991, I moved to Bellingham Washington to attend Western Washington University. It was then that started going by my middle name, Cale. In Spring of 1994, I graduated magna cum laude from Western with a B.A. in Visual Communication, where I concentrated in computer graphics, illustration and multimedia.

After graduating, I started Cerebral Art Lab, my own graphic design and illustration business. I continued to live in Bellingham and worked as an illustrator and designer for an advertising agency named Wright, Hart & Mather. Later I began working for Media Access Internet Solutions, a Web development company.

During the summer of 1999, I moved to Bellevue Washington where I continued to work for Media Access as a graphic artist.

January of 2002 I began working as the Lead Designer for ioCreative. In the summer of 2004 I moved back to Bellingham, where I continue to work for ioCreative and continue to run Cerebral Art Lab.

I think of myself as an artist who primarily does graphic design for a living, so I split the difference and refer to myself as a Graphic Artist.

When I am not at my computer illustrating or designing, I enjoy playing racquetball, going to concerts, making music, and snowboarding. Pizza ranks high on my list of calorie replenishing guilty pleasures.

– Cale Burr

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"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." – Albert Einstein
"The only difference between a fine artist and an illustrator is that the latter can draw, eat three square meals a day, and can afford to pay for them."
– James Montgomery Flagg
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